7 Benefits of Installing LED Warehouse Lighting

Methods to optimise commercial operations continually evolves as new practices and technologies emerge. LED lighting is leading the way in optimising warehousing and distribution operations. With recent news that traditional halogen bulbs are set to be banned in the UK, in line with climate change plans, it’s clear that LED lighting is the way forward. The benefits of LEDs have a particularly significant impact in commercial and industrial sectors – LED warehouse lighting saves up to 90% energy and reduces maintenance by up to 50%.

Warehouse high bay lighting is a critical component to all stock handling operations. The benefits of LED lights for warehousing go beyond cost savings - how can LED industrial high bay lighting benefit your warehouse operations?

Here are some of the key benefits to installing LED lighting solutions for warehouse units across the UK.

Optimum Accuracy

LED warehouse lighting is designed to offer incredible sharpness and lighting accuracy – known as visual acuity. While working at a lower wattage than traditional lighting solutions such as halogen or sodium, LEDs provide superior lighting quality which improves accuracy – particularly for close-up work – crucial for warehouse, manufacturing, and assembly line operations.

The performance of standard incandescent lighting reduces over its lifetime – about half the lifetime of LEDs – resulting in flickering, dim lighting. LED factory lighting is fast becoming the reliable standard. LEDs provide glare-free and even coverage – perfect for lighting large-scale areas.

LED lighting accurately reproduces natural daylight – standard daylight is 5500 to 6500 Kelvin - compared to incandescent bulbs which impart a yellow or greenish hue. LED lighting provides a safer working environment and helps staff operate with greater accuracy.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Traditional strip lighting and gas-based bulbs require more maintenance than LED bulbs. With LEDs lasting a minimum 100,000 hours – that’s almost 12 years continuous operation – this low-energy technology offers considerable savings on maintenance hours. 

Incandescent warehouse high bay lighting – including halogen and CFL lights - can present a challenge to maintenance teams when a bulb fails. LED Direct supply LED warehouse lighting with a multi-year warranty – reflecting the reliability of LED lights. From the point of installation, buyers can be sure of even, glare- and flicker-free illumination with years of continuous operation.

Simple to Install

LED warehouse lighting is designed for easy installation. Complex halogen and strip lighting may have previously been considered efficient and cost-effective but replacing these lights - even from the get-go - is hassle that adds to a maintenance teams job list.

LED factory lighting is easy to set up with in-built fittings for suspended light installations or surface mounting. LED fittings are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, offering an adaptable, long-lasting solution that will endure years of regular use. Switching to LED warehouse lighting is a simple task.

Safer to Work Under

Thanks to the natural colour LED lighting is known for, warehouse managers avoid potential low-light incidents and concerns during day-to-day operations. Warehouse LED lighting is free from glass so reduces the risk of sharp objects in a working area, should an impact occur with lifting equipment, for instance. LED lights are the optimum health and safety choice for standardised workplace lighting.

Cheaper to Run

One of the most publicised benefits of LED lighting is how cheap they are to run. LEDs consume 50 to 90% less energy than fluorescent or halogen alternatives - leading to incredible energy savings from the outset.

LED warehouse lighting - particularly high bay lights - are cheaper to run than standard incandescent lights but that does not mean a compromise on light quality. LED high bay lighting provides a higher lumen output with superior visual acuity (the sharpness of vision). Workers will immediately notice the difference switching from traditional fluorescent to LED – with less power, you get instant start-up, even lighting inspired by natural daylight.

No Flickering

Traditional strip and gas lighting are prone to failure and flickering throughout the lifetime of a bulb - particularly prone when reaching maximum lifetime. It is a clear indication that traditional incandescent warehouse lighting is simply no longer efficient to meet the objectives of warehousing and distribution operations. 

LEDs are designed to offer stability and consistency across a minimum 100,000-hour lifetime. There is no risk of a bulb blowing or dimming, or making distracting buzzing noises on its way to fizzling out for good. LEDs are reliable to the end.

Long Lasting Lighting

We recommend LED industrial high bay lighting for the simple fact that it will provide a minimum of 12 years continual operation – quality LEDs will provide up to 20 years of superior illumination. 

LED Direct provide support to warehouses making the switch to LED high bay lighting across the UK. An average commercial LED conversion project will pay for itself within 2 years – often much less.

LED Direct lighting design team provide full support for all commercial customers looking to reap the benefits of LED warehouse lighting. Get in contact with our team to discuss your warehouse lighting project.