A sparks guide to LED Strip lighting

LED strips are versatile options to add a splash of light and colour to any kind of space, not to mention the fact that they are affordable and very easy to set up. Essentially, you can change the atmosphere of a space with a simple line of LED tape.

Not only are LED strips popular for the everyday home, but also in hospitality and retail settings as they are extremely adaptable to a number of settings and uses. Some popular uses include lighting under cabinets, lighting up shelves, edge-lighting and wall washing. LED strips can also be used in outdoor settings depending on the type of strip.


White LED strips

As the name suggests, these strips emit a white light in a range of temperatures. Within the white strip selections, you can find:

  • High CRI – These strips have a CRI of at least 95, meaning that surrounding colours look more vibrant.
  • Bendy – As the name suggests, these bend to all kinds of unusual shapes.
  • Spotless – Tiny LEDs are used to create the effect of one seamless stream of light, rather than a series of separate LEDs.
  • Warm to cool – The temperature of these LED strips can be changed, often between 2400K and 6000K.
  • Side emitting – The diodes shine sideways to create a unique source of light that is often used for edge highlighting.

Colour strips 

These are also known as RGB strips or RGBW strips and, as you would assume, can provide coloured lighting. These are popular for homes, retail and hospitality and, if paired with a controller, the colours can even be changed. Within the colour strip selections, you can find:

  • RGB – Solid lighting using just one colour.
  • Digital pixel – Can create fades, flashes and chases by using one digital chip per three LED lights.
  • RGBW – Same as RGB (red, green, blue) but white is also added for extra brightness.
  • Plug and play – A strip of lights with a driver and controller to give you the option of changing your colours. 


LED strip accessories are designed to add a little something to your lights and can include mounting clips, connectors, end caps, silicone sealant and more.


As explained above, remote controllers are offered with some LED strips to allow you to control the colour, brightness and style.

Aluminium profiles 

These hold the LED strip and protect it. Types of profile include surface-mounted, corner-surface-mounted and recessed.


Feel free to browse our LED strip product ranges. If you have questions, call or contact our trade team for commercial or domestic project support. 

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