Can LED lights help your plants grow?

Do you want to brighten up your home and garden space whilst helping plant growth at the same time? it might be simpler than you think to make your green areas thrive, helping you better your environmental impact at the same time.

Can you use LED lighting to help plants grow?

The simple answer to this would be yes. You might see artificial red lights commonly used to help plants grow. Lights that emit red wavelengths help plants control the size of leaves that they should produce as well as the number of leaves too. Red light is important for the foliage and fruiting stages in a plant’s growth. However, blue lights can sometimes be used too. Lights which emit blue wavelengths help plants regulate a day-night cycle, which helps plants flower at the right time. Sometimes, a mixture of these colours can help certain plants produce the best results. One of the most common examples of this is growing strawberries – helping them produce certain tastes and nutrients whilst ripening at a particular speed.

Red LED bulbs

LED Direct offers its customers a red LED lamp that can help with plant growth. This product provides both efficiency and attractiveness, costing very little to run. These spotlight lamps combine a clear lens with coloured LED chips to emit the red colour of beam. Whilst the beam is a gentle red, this product can provide a calm atmosphere whilst helping your plants grow at the same time.

LED grow lights

LED Direct has a range of products available to aid you in this area, with LED grow lights being an incredible product to maximise your plants’ growth. There are a number of different grow light products to choose from, with different amounts of wattage and growing area dimensions. The great thing about the grow lights is that the LED lighting for plants is very energy efficient, using little amounts of energy with powerful brightness. LED lights costs very little to run as well as reducing your negative impact on the environment. The light allows customers to grow their own produce in the house. The compact design makes it lightweight as well as simple and quick to install. The aluminium construction creates the right amount of heat for an efficient growing environment for the plants of your choice, whilst the V-hangers give easy mounting and re-mounting. The grow lights provide sufficient light for any indoor plants, providing higher yields with its smart features. These include a dimmable feature and cool operating temperatures, allowing the consumer to control the air temperature for maximum growth. These features make it the perfect choice for a customer who wants high quality and consistent indoor growth results!

Smart lights

Some smart lights in LED Direct’s range have plant growth settings to help customers support and grow their plants in a simple way. The range of smart products can be controlled through smart devices such as your home hub, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, as well as voice activation. The customisable colour changing feature can allow you to use the right colour – usually red – for maximum growth of the plants. These products allow customers to put in very little effort for optimal results!

Why smart bulbs are a good option for growing plants

Smart bulbs, being a modern product, can offer extra bright settings, meaning that they can work quite well for plant growth. Furthermore, as mentioned above, smart bulbs in the LED Direct range will use LED lighting, meaning that they are better for the environment than traditional bulbs allowing you to do your bit for the environment and using an efficient product that can product suitable and beneficial results. Smart bulbs are also effortless to navigate – so if you want to impress any guests or just make your life easier, than purchasing smart is the way forwards!

Overall, there are a few different options you can take if you want an artificial light to help your plants grow. With lights emitting red wavelengths proven to be effective in helping plants grow, LED Direct fan provide you with countless options in this range, with the grow lights specially designed to help your greenery thrive!