LED Direct had the privilege of being approached by British racing champion Oliver Webb to design killer lighting for his new garage. He wanted something that made the space pop, fit his sleek and modern aesthetic, and shine the best light on his Aston Martin (Pun intended)

We wanted to create a design that transformed the garage. If your going to make anyone's garage look incredible, start with the land speed record holder!  The space was small, with little room to incorporate lighting, so the challenge was on. We planned on fitting the lighting within the wall whilst the space was being re-plastered.

After sending samples of design ideas from previous projects, we finalised a stand out design. We sourced the products from our website, and started to plan the installation. We were excited to have an opportunity to show how much talent we have in our lighting design team. 

A clean finish was of paramount importance, so we hid all cables and power supplies in the voids. We used High CRI Spotless LED Strip and in plaster aluminium profile.  Any type of high quality LED strip can be used, however we went for spotless LED strips to give a enhanced visual appearance. Spotless strips would give us a uniform line of light within the wall, producing the effect we were going for. RGB strips could be used as well, to give the garage versatile mood lighting. 

The finished result speaks for itself. Modern, stand out lighting with maximum impact. Not that you need much to make a BMW M8 or Aston Martin pop, but the lighting brings the space to life. You can literally see the car in a different light. 


We are so glad Oli was happy with the finished result. Even in a small space, the right lighting can change your perception. We can't wait for the next project! For any information or support with lighting products, please get in touch on 0333 0230 827 or pop us an email at info@leddirect.co.uk