Case Study: Preparing hospitality for life after lockdown with UV-C

The hospitality industry has been hit especially hard by the global pandemic. Due to these circumstances, businesses have had various difficulties in protecting themselves and their customers from an COVID-19. We believe we have the answer to their questions, with our UV-C sanitizing units

We follow the story of a restaurant in Poland striving to open safely with sufficient infection control measures in place. 

Restaurateurs in Warsaw have shown an understanding of the global pandemic that deserves special praise. Guided by concern about their customers and employees and the desire to ensure their safety, they set out to find a long-term solution at the very beginning of the pandemic.

Guru, a restaurant located in the centre of Warsaw, was the first such business in Poland to install UV-C Purelight devices. They are sterilization units combat viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms (including flu). Purelight Flow units can even remove pollen and pollutants from the air!

In spite of restaurant closures, most catering establishments have been able to stay open by offering takeaways. The Purelight devices installed in the Guru kitchen minimise the risk of employees falling ill. The Restaurant owners were able not only to take good care of their staff but also keep their business going.

The Flow units ensure the cleanest and freshest air by constantly filtering the air in a space. By ensuring infection control measures are in space, the restaurant has peace of mind that it's keeping its customers as protected as possible. Purelight Flow has been built for high footfall areas, and can be on whilst people are present. 

We asked Guru about their project: 

Here at Guru, the well-being of our Guests and our team is our top priority. We are the first restaurant in Poland to use certified, innovative, and safe UV-C technology, which eliminates all bacteria, viruses, and fungi in real time, with 99% effectiveness. (Source:

Where: Guru Restaurant, Widok 8, Warsaw-Centre, Poland

Delivered products:13 Purelight Flow, 2 Purelight LUG DIRECT

Dedicated infection control solution:
- application of the WHO-recommended UV-C technology
- effectiveness confirmed by data testing and certification
- use of UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, and other microorganisms
- dedicated accessories increasing the safety of use
- widely used, among others, in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, service companies, and production plants.

LED Direct’s units are already helping NHS healthcare facilities, care homes and even professional sports clubs to reduce the associated risks of COVID-19 onsite.

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