Connect to the future today- Wiz Smart Connector

Make the whole house smart

Technology-lovers around the world are always on the look-out for the latest innovation, the next mind-blowing, ground-breaking product that will transform the way they live their daily lives. This next piece of kit is undoubtedly the WiZ Smart Connector, a revolutionary device that shows promise to be the future of both Smart products and lighting management products.

The WiZ Pro is a universal Smart connector that was designed with the aim of connecting the past and present with the future, today. As a cloud-centric platform, the WiZ Pro Smart Connector is a highly-capable piece of technology boasting a rich range of features, as outlined below.


One of the biggest attractions of the WiZ Smart Connector is its highly-accurate predictivity, specifically of its maintenance functions. The WiZ Pro allows users to pinpoint those lights across your residential or commercial system that need replacing or will need replacing, promising users greater efficiency when it comes to preserving their lighting system.


The WiZ Pro Smart Connector also allows users to set the rules for their lighting, including stunning panoramic views of each room. This awards users the ability to pre-program and customise the settings of their property's lighting, which leads to ultimate comfort and improved quality of living.


WiZ Pro is the ultimate product of lighting connectivity. Able to connect to up to 10,000 lights at any time, the WiZ Pro utilises state-of-the-art Big Data technology, as well as possessing the ability to dive into the Internet of Things. Users can also take advantage of voice control, fully integrable systems, and also the latest Bluetooth Beacon technology.

You can order the WiZ Pro Universal Smart Connector today to change how you light your home. If you have any questions, just ask! We are always on hand to help.