Flic Smart Buttons: The New Way to Control Devices in Your Home

Have you joined the smart home revolution yet? You might already have dabbled with an Amazon Echo or a Google Home – but what about other smart devices and buttons? LED Direct is thrilled to introduce a fabulous range of smart home buttons that you can use to really customise your smart tech, your way. Flic smart buttons are here to make your life that little bit more convenient!

If you’ve never come across a smart home button before, don’t worry! It’s very easy to get to grips with, and the Flic standard is a market leader.

What is a Flic Button?

Flic smart buttons help to streamline your work, your leisure time, and everything in between. Just as you’d use a device such as the Echo or Home Hub to control lights, thermostats and more with your voice, the Flic range allows you to turn even the most complex appliances on and off with a button press. It’s remarkably simple!

Flic 2 buttons operate via Bluetooth, meaning that if your device communicates in this way either through low energy or long range, you should have no difficulty connecting up a variety of Flic buttons around your office, your kitchen, your bedroom and more.

The Flic hub LR is a great way to set your buttons up at home. This is the central ‘base’ or communications centre for all the buttons you set up. You can set up a maximum of 64 buttons at once through the LR, making it a fantastic resource if you really want to transform your home into a smarter space.

The fact is there are more than a thousand different devices ready to connect up to Flic. The possibilities are growing – so why not get involved?

What Can I Use Flic Buttons For?

The best part of the Flic button lineup is the fact that you can really let your imagination go wild. Easy to set up and customisable to a mind-boggling extent, you can stick these buttons to any surface thanks to their superior adhesion.

Therefore, why not set up some buttons in your home office? You could use one to change the lighting, one to power up the coffee machine, and another to start playing music on your speakers. This is only the beginning, of course!

Flic smart home buttons are compatible with some of the biggest brands and household names in smart home tech available right now. For example, you can use them with the brilliant Philips Hue smart bulb range, as well as the Apple HomeKit, Sonos Speakers, and even tech you can buy directly from IKEA.

These buttons can turn your home into an all-singing, all dancing entertainment machine. You could use these buttons to make things amazingly convenient, and to set up routines. Thanks to the Apple Homekit integration, it’s simple enough to manage your whole smart home from your iPad or iPhone.

If you’re already finding your way around smart home technology and what’s become known as the ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT, we think Flic offers a brilliant, flexible, user-friendly platform from which you can get started. We love the possibilities and the pliability of these buttons.

Did we mention that you can even label your buttons freely, so you know what they do? It’s another major plus for anyone looking to make their daily lives that little bit easier.

Are Smart Buttons Right For Me?

If there is anything that lockdown has taught us, it’s that our homes could be a lot more efficient! Yes, it’s easy enough to use the odd switch. But imagine all the time you might save in your own smart home office, with the ability to press a button to activate an appliance, as and when you want or need it. Shouting “Alexa” gets pretty boring quick right? (Plus buttons feel good to push)

The world is getting simpler, and weirdly enough, it’s thanks to technology getting smarter! Therefore, now really is the time to start taking full advantage of the Flic 2 range, and to see where your own smart home adventures take you.

LED Direct is thrilled to offer not only Flic 2 buttons and the LR hub, but also a wide variety of accessories and fittings that you can connect up with your own custom button arrays. The only limits, really, depend on you. Why not take a closer look online to see what other Flic users are doing with their own custom buttons and smart homes?

In the meantime, take a closer look at Flic smart buttons right here at LED Direct. Who knows – you might just find yourself a new gadget or two that are not only great fun, but super practical!