How Can Philips Hue Smart Lighting Transform Day to Day Living?

Are you joining the smart home revolution? It’s getting easier and easier for homeowners to improve the ‘intelligence’ of their properties! You don’t have to spend a fortune to set up smart home fittings and features, and the technology is increasingly easy to control through your smartphone and/or tablet. One of the top selling smart home products available right now from LED Direct is Philips Hue Smart Lighting.

Philips is, of course, already a household brand that millions will recognise. The company has really come into it own when it comes to engineering some of the best smart lighting solutions on the market. But what is Philips Hue? How could this range of smart bulbs and lighting services help to make your home that little bit smarter?

Introducing Philips Hue

Philips Hue is the brand’s landmark range of smart home lighting solutions. However, this product line goes beyond simple bulbs and light fittings! When you take a look through our catalogue here at LED Direct, you will find there is a lighting solution to fit almost any need - fixture and purpose - and best of all, it’s built to be smart, meaning it’s easy to configure and manage through various devices!

From white and ambient light strips to colour strips and spotlights, Philips Hue covers a lot of ground. Their bulbs and strips communicate with smart apps and platforms, meaning you never have to reach over to flick them on or off. 

LED Direct is proud to retail the latest and greatest of Philips Hue technology. Their strip lights are great for highlighting and adding colour to TV sets, and you can use their standalone bulbs to fix into bedroom, living room or communal fittings across the home. Wherever there is a need for you to make your home lighting smart and more efficient, you can be sure that Philips Hue will have a fantastic solution.

What are the Main Philips Hue Benefits?

One of the huge benefits of Philips Hue technology is, of course, that you can instantly manage your smart lighting from your phone or tablet. Their lighting technology is also easy to use through existing smart home hubs, too. 

When you initially set up a Philips Hue product, you will be able to download their standalone app, which enables you to turn lights on and off with the tap of the screen. You can also dim lights and change colours with some products, too. You’ll even be able to set routines and reminders for lights to turn on and off. This could help to make your home more secure, less wasteful, and more flexible around your needs.

You’ll also be able to use Philips Hue products with a raft of different smart home brands and third party apps. For example, you can easily use Philips Hue bulbs with Amazon Alexa products, such as the Echo Dot and the Echo Show. The lighting easily integrates into your existing app and smart home setup!

In fact, ease of setup and use are major plus points to the Philips Hue line! Some people may worry that setting up smart home technology is going to be complex, or more trouble than it is worth. That’s really not the case. If anything, Philips is really leading the way when it comes to simplifying smart home standards, and you get the added benefit of years of Philips expertise and fantastic engineering.

What’s more, you can set up custom lighting solutions with Philips Hue products so that they communicate with each other across your property. This means you can expect your home to work for you, and not the other way around!

Why Buy Philips Hue from LED Direct?

LED Direct has a wide range of Philips Hue products available for you to set up your first smart home network, or to add to your existing smart lighting rig. The key benefit to Philips Hue is the fact that their products are so flexible and so easy to manage. You really don’t need to have any technical knowledge to get them working as you’d like – you just need a smartphone, an app, and a working internet connection!

LED Direct offers starter kits for Philips Hue products and lines, and beyond that, we also support the brand’s latest technological innovations. Smart home technology is far from being a fad. It’s only going to grow as digital technologies continue to advance in and around our homes - now really is the time to set up your own smart lighting at home!

Take a look at the brilliant Philips Hue range available in our online store right now – and, as always, reach out to a member of the LED Direct team if we can be of any assistance with your smart home lighting.