How Can Retail Lighting Solutions Enhance Customer Experience?

The right lighting does more than just illuminate a space. Forward-thinking brands use specialist retail lighting to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. You may think the products you have on display – and the sales you offer from season to season – are enough to entice shoppers and create a memorable experience. Not necessarily. 

Retailers are racing ahead to take customer experience to the next level. Shoppers are driven by aesthetics, often subconsciously influenced by a range of factors. When it comes to showing off your top product lines, precision display lighting will halt a shopper to explore that must-have, premium product. Retail display lighting makes a difference to customer perceptions - LED Direct is here to share retail lighting expertise.

Lighting to Influence Perception

To understand how lighting really impacts the in-store shopping experience, you need to understand the customer. It’s not just about getting your products up and out of the dark, retail lighting is used to instantly communicate the product attributes your customers need.

Lighting colour can be used to influence perceptions with warm or cool lighting. A cool lighting array creates a sense of space, providing a relaxed environment for clarity and contemplation. Cooler light colours are often favoured by technology retailers, niche product stockists, and often retailers targeting male shoppers. 

Retailers wishing to imbue a sense of home, cosiness and family, will use warmer lighting colours. Retailers targeting younger audiences often use bright lights, with a range of colours to reflect their brand and highlight fun, interactive products. 

Bright, even lights also encourage efficiency. You don’t want to hurry customers along, but if you have a busy store and want to ensure that everyone gets served efficiently, increased illumination output can influence shopper behaviour.

Specialist lighting is often used to direct shoppers through a store. Visual merchandisers make good use of lighting, from shop window lighting and throughout the store - catching the shopper’s eye outside and enticing them into the store. Specialist lights guide shoppers to take in the full product offering, or direct them to specific products or promotions.

Lighting is extensively used by retailers to enhance the customer experience. We are not always aware of how our shopping habits are affected by the psychological influence of lighting. Lighting is used to create a certain ambience, expertly tapping into our psychology to influence perceptions.

Retail Lighting Innovation

At LED Direct we provide a specialist lighting design service for trade customers. Our customers ask us to craft that perfect customer experience from start to finish. Our range of exclusive trade-only product means our customers have access to the newest lighting technology, to help them remain at the forefront of customer experience. 

Our Wi-Fi enabled dimmable LEDs are controlled via smartphone or virtual assistant. Retailers can tangibly alter in store ambience, within a few taps of their smartphone or using a preprogramed schedule. Retail display lighting has never been more convenient.

LED ceiling panels fit seamlessly within a retail unit ceiling to unobtrusively provide soft, even lighting. LED panels deliver the optimum light levels to showcase products and work well with LED downlights to highlight specific products. For shop windows and displays, our popular LED bendy strips can be used to highlight areas with ease – great for promoting stock without additional expense. Colourful LED strips are perfect for building excitement and promoting fun.

Highly efficient LED battens are a low-energy, high-performance replacement for traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures. Designed for quick installation and easy maintenance, LED battens come with rear and conduit-end fittings so are suitable for most retail units.

Why Choose LED Direct?

LED Direct is a trusted supplier of retail lighting solutions across the UK. We are currently working with a popular high street retailer to deliver a full, nationwide refit of lighting across their stores. The client will benefit from reduced energy consumption year on year – our LEDs have a 12-year expected lifespan. The initial cost of lighting installation will pay for itself in a little under two years – a fantastic return.

LED Direct is pleased to offer an exclusive trade customer range that’s flexible for all budgets and projects. We offer versatile financing on a wide array of products and fittings, and what’s more, we’ve beaten every quote that heads our way. You not only have access to a professional lighting design service but also a range of market-leading products at unbeatable prices. Our clients maximise the efficiency of their lighting projects when working with our lighting design team - advice and guidance that keeps delivering long after your fit-out has taken place.

If you’re looking for no-obligation quotes, site consultations and advice on how to make shop display lighting work for you, now is the time to consult LED Direct. Why not choose from our online catalogue, or reach out to one of our dedicated commercial experts who can guide you towards the perfect custom setup?