How to Install LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their home and enhance the general ambience of a room. Not only this, but they are also so easy to install! Just follow this simple five-step guide:

  1. Prepare the surface – Before installing the LED strip lights themselves, you should first clean the surface you are applying them to. The cleaner the surface, the stronger the bond, meaning your lights will stay up for longer.
  2. Cut the strip lights – There are certain sections within the strip light that are designed to be cut with scissors. Ensure that you slice your strip light down one of these sections and not on one of the LEDs themselves. Cutting an important component can damage the entire strip.
  3. Stick the LED lights on – Unroll your length of LED strip lighting and choose the amount you want to use. Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the sticky side to your surface. You can add fixing clips for added strength if you so desire.
  4. Connecting and corners – Your LED strip lights can ever go around corners! All you have to do is cut your desired sections and connect them with the designated connector clips, pushing the open end of each strip light into the clip.
  5. Power – Once the strip light is secure, attach the adapter and controller before plugging it in for power. You can then use the controller to change the light and style of your LEDs. 

Check out our full range of LED stip lights on our website. Now you know to install them, the possibilities are endless. Don't forget we are on hand anytime you need a little help.