Is a Robotic Vacuum Worth the Investment?

Thanks to smart technology, cleaning has never been simpler. Automated cleaning devices like robotic vacuums or RoboVacs can keep your home spotless and disease-free at minimal effort. Not only will a RoboVac hasten the cleaning process, but also protect the health of your entire family and improve overall convenience and quality of life. 

How do robotic vacuums work? 

Most robotic vacuums feature 1-2 spinning brushes alongside a rolling brush. These brushes work together to transfer dirt, hair, fur, and food particles towards the centre where they get sucked into a removable waste bin or tray. Once the tray is filled, contents must be disposed of before the next cleaning. 

Robotic vacuums can be automated to run on schedule using basic controllers that come with the device. Later models, on the other hand, can be controlled using mobile apps and smart speakers. 

Some models come with downward-facing sensors to stop the device from running into a wall or driving over a ledge. There are also units with sensors on top used to map rooms as they clean. 

Advantages of using a RoboVac 

There are various features that make robotic vacuums better than hand-held models, including:

No more manual work 

With RoboVacs, everything is automated, which makes it a handy option for the elderly and people with mobility challenges and other physical disabilities. RoboVacs work autonomously. They don’t require heavy pushing or pulling. Simply turn on the device, and it instantly does all the dirty work for you. Because robotic vacuums are designed to be lightweight, you can easily move them from one room to another. 

Automated cleaning schedules 

Busy people rarely have time to rest, much less give their homes a thorough cleaning. RoboVacs can keep your home spic and span with little or no supervision. You can even program the device to work on specific days or times, allowing you to tend to more important tasks. These features also come in handy when you’re planning to go on holiday and wish to keep your home clean while you’re away.

Wi-Fi connectivity 

Many robot vacuum cleaner models can be controlled using tablets or smartphones. 

You can connect them wirelessly to your smart home hub, and access them via voice control or through a mobile app. This allows you to manage your RoboVac anytime and anywhere. 

Auto adjust settings 

Houses consist of many different surfaces, with each one requiring its own style of cleaning.   

Robot vacuum cleaners have sensors that automatically identify any changes as they move from one type of flooring to another. They can instantly adjust their settings to better clean tiles, wood, and carpets.  

RoboVacs can also adjust their cleaning modes based on the amount of dirt on a surface.

Self-charging features 

Robot vacuums are programmed to recharge themselves. Once it’s completed a task, the vacuum will automatically return to its docking station. It also detects low battery and recharges automatically after the cleaning cycle. 

In instances where battery life drops in the middle of a task, the device goes back to the docking station to recharge. It will only resume its task once it reaches an acceptable battery percentage. 

Cons and limitations 

While robotic vacuums have gone a long way from bulky, traditional models, some versions are still far from perfect. It takes a fair amount of care and handling to ensure they’re in optimal condition.  

Inconvenient shape and size 

Due to their irregular shape and tiny size, robotic vacuums often get stuck in tight corners or under furniture. To avoid this, you need to vacuum-proof the area before letting the robot operate. This means clearing the floor of cords, curtains, and tiny objects that may prevent your vacuum from crossing over. 

Inconvenient shape and size 

Their dust bins are also significantly smaller than most regular vacuums and must be emptied more often. This means bad news for households that deal with pet dander every day. Unlike upright vacuums that require emptying every 2 or 3 days, your robot vacuum may need daily disposal and monitoring. 

Reduced speed 

Robotic vacuums are generally slower than hand-held vacuums and thus require more power for every run. It may take double or triple the time it takes you to clean the same room using a traditional vacuum. This is because robots rely on artificial intelligence, which understandably doesn’t operate as quickly as our brains do. They also don’t have human reflexes that allow them to avoid obstructions along the way. While some higher-end robots come with preset boundaries, they can falter from time to time. 

A robotic vacuum is one of the most valuable home devices you can have today. It enables you to thoroughly clean your home with minimum effort and maximum ease. While these vacuums cost a little more than regular models, the flexibility, innovation, and convenience they bring make them worth the investment. 

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