LED Emergency Lighting Fixtures You Need to Have and Why

LED lights have become the preferred lamps for residential and commercial lighting fixtures, and that covers emergency purposes. Their qualities make them perfect for Emergency lighting fixtures, which we will discuss further later in the blog. But there is one thing that we can talk about in detail now, and that’s the versatility of LED emergency lighting and the wide variety of products that are now available on the market.

Here are examples of emergency lights that you need to consider for your home or business establishment: 

Emergency Lights Exit Combo

Emergency lights are usually classified into two: 

  • Exit signs
  • Emergency lighting

Each type has its own purpose, but since they complement one another, they are often sold, installed, or manufactured together. Hence, we have the emergency lights exit combo fixtures.

Exit Signs

Acrylic exit signs are the most common and cheapest, but sometimes you need a more reliable signage in case there is total power outage or if the visibility is low, i.e, when there’s smoke because of a fire or fog during the cold months. 

LED exit signs are, therefore, the smarter option. Once illuminated, the words will clearly pierce through smoke or fog and be easily visible from a distance. Electrical LED lights are especially a must for commercial or mixed-use buildings where many people are present at any given time. 

Emergency Lights

Illuminated exit signs are well and good, but people will have an easier time finding and following exit routes if they can see where they need to go. This is the purpose of installing self-powered lights in emergency stairwells and utility corridors leading towards exits.

Both exit signs and emergency lights can be bought separately, but you have a more convenient and cost-effective alternative in LED exit signs and emergency light combos. These fixtures merge exit signs with emergency floodlights: an illuminated “exit” sign is flanked on the sides or topped with self-powered LED lamps. 

Rather than install two different devices, you can choose this two-in-one fixture for a faster and easier installation. LED exit signs with emergency lighting are also low-maintenance and designed to last long even with infrequent use. 

Surface-Mounted LED Emergency Lights

Not all corridors lead to exits, but you still want to keep them illuminated during a power outage. LED emergency light fixtures exist for this purpose. They automatically turn on when the power goes out (although there’s also a manual switch that allows you to turn the lights off to conserve their stored energy, such as when the power outage happens in daytime). 

Surface-mounted emergency lights can be:

LED emergency lights can be installed inside and outside your property. They’re not limited to exits, as the exit sign and emergency light combos are.

Obtruding Fixtures

The standard surface-mounted LED emergency lights have protruding rectangular housing with two large, flat, and circular LED lamps on the top or on both sides of the body. Anyone would know that they are back-up light sources at first glance. They’re also reserved for power outages and aren’t used daily like ceiling lights.

Recessed Fixtures

If aesthetics matter and you prefer emergency lights that don’t look like such, LED tube and fixture combos and recessed emergency lamps would be the more appropriate option. They look like ordinary, everyday light fixtures on the ceilings or high up on the walls in service hallways. They’re connected to a remote power source — a back-up generator, batteries, or solar energy cells — which lights up the bulbs during power outages. 

As a testament to the flexibility of LED lights, surface-mounted LED lamps can also be installed together with an exit sign, regardless if it is non-electric (uses photoluminescent materials) or a self-powered LED lamp. 

Why Choose LED Emergency Lights?

Manufacturers developed various emergency lighting fixtures with LED for these reasons:

  • Energy efficient - Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lamps do not have filaments that “burn” to produce light. They do not produce excess heat, which is an indicator that it doesn’t waste energy as it converts electrical energy to light.
  • Bright - Conventional indoor lights typically consume 10, 25, 35, or more watts to generate light. The bigger and more spacious a room, the more lights will be needed to keep it well lit. Instead of using only 10 watts of electricity, you could be consuming 10 watts x the number of bulbs you have in the room. LEDs, on the other hand, have higher wattage but their lights are also much brighter. There’d be no need to install too many light bulbs in your house or office.
  • Eco friendly - LED lights are more environment-friendly than most types of light bulbs. They require less energy to generate light and don’t contain mercury, a substance that can be harmful to the environment. You seldom have to replace these lights, so you’re not buying and throwing out a lot of old lamps. 
  • Light and portable - LEDs do not use heavy glass bulbs. They are thinner and lighter, which makes them ideal for mounted and portable emergency lights.
  • Long lifespan - High-quality LED lights can last for 30,000 to 50,000 hours. They have a much, much longer expected lifespan than incandescent lamps, CFLs, and linear fluorescent lamps, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Cost effective - These lamps are a little more expensive than other types of light bulbs, but the long-term savings can offset the price difference and allow you to save more in the long run. For instance, you won’t need to replace your LED emergency lights often within the next five years, whereas conventional bulbs may need replacing every one to two years.
  • Versatile - It bears mentioning again: LED lights are versatile and flexible, and have many models to choose from, such as dual color LED emergency lights and LED emergency lights with controllers. You can stay compliant with the fire and safety regulations for buildings without reducing the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. 

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