As the world slowly opening its doors again, many Ice Hockey teams embrace a new normal. Masks, reduced fans, if any. Social distancing. Track and trace. Constant testing. 

But how safe are players? What about club staff? Sheffield Steelers have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of its staff and players. Approved by the World Health Organisation, UV-C technology is widely used for infection control, now more than ever. And Sheffield Steelers have embraced this technology with open arms. 

Elite sport is in desperate need of a solution. How can they keep players healthy in a global pandemic? Premiership Football clubs such as Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United have installed the very same units for this reason. Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club also added these units to their facilities in the interest of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Delivering medical grade air in close quarters has never been more vital. 

The new UV-C Units decontaminate air in a room by deactivating up to 99.9% of all moulds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms present in the air. That includes COVID-19, flu, pollen and pollutants. They ensure the cleanest and freshest air by constantly filtering the air in a space. The unit's mobility means it can go literally anywhere: Changing rooms, bus journeys, treatment rooms, meeting areas. 

Steelers have strived to ensure its staff and players are as protected as possible. Similarly to nurseries and restaurants across Europe, Steelers are setting an example to the Ice Hockey community by putting people before pucks. Safety comes first. Not just during the pandemic, but after too. 

LED Direct is a Sheffield based company, working with organisations across the UK with their infection control measures. Along with professional sports clubs, LED Direct have supplied universities, care homes, offices and hairdressers with their air purification units. 

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