The best outdoor lighting ideas for you

Are you wanting to add value to your house in the simplest way possible? Investing in some new garden lighting might be just the answer you’re looking for. Deciding on decorating your garden with certain types of lighting can really bring the space to life, not to mention impressing any guests that you might have over. Life after lockdown has pinpointed just how important having your own space is, so why not start with the garden!

Decorative outdoor lighting

LED Direct can offer you a large range of outdoor lighting, ideal for illuminating your outdoor space. When it comes to starting out, we recommend including lighting fixtures such as floodlights, wall lights, and LED brick lights. The brick lights come in a range of colours to fit with your individual colour scheme, and they include a diecast aluminium body and a glass diffuser.  They are even supplied with a choice of two different faceplates for your personal preference. The textured design of the diffuser supplied with the brick lights creates good light uniformity, whilst their slim and contemporary design can enhance a modern feel in your garden. Perfect for elegant spaces, that need illuminating. 

The wall lights are particularly useful as a guide through garden paths when it gets dark outside. Coming in a range of colours and shapes, these wall guide lights serve a long life and are low maintenance. Additionally, like the brick lights, these fixtures are also constructed from die-cast aluminium for durability, along with a powder-coated finish. Each of these products has been designed with ease of use, practicality, and appearance in mind.

Up and down wall lights are also becoming increasingly popular. LED Direct’s up and down wall lights are available in different colours, finishes, and are constructed of stainless steel for maximised durability and long life. Its compact design is stylish, perfect for brightening up any outdoor or indoor space. For under £20, an up/down wall light can elevate the aesthetic of your home.

There are also other fixtures available, such as wall lanterns with built-in sensors, not to mention ground lights. We believe we can suit your preference whatever you may want for your garden! By adding in-ground uplights or bollards to your outdoor space creates warmth and functionality. It's always nice to see where you are going in the dark!

The smart outdoor range

LED Direct can offer you many different types of lighting in the smart range, with multiple different lanterns connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to impress your guests as well as making your life easier. The prices can vary for these different devices, although expect easy installation for every product. Many of the available devices are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, creating functionality along with flexible lighting which can suit any mood. The intelligent control options will allow you to change the light’s colour or tone at just the sound of a voice – it’s that easy!

So, if you’re wanting to create a specific atmosphere in your garden, whether this is for a BBQ, garden party, or just for personal use, you can choose the desired colour preference of outdoor lighting out of around a few million different choices! You can control this all from your mobile phone or technological home hub. Some of the Wi-Fi-connected floodlight options even contain cameras for added house security, and the smart products will usually qualify for free delivery if you want to order online with a few easy clicks of a button. Many people don’t even know these smart products exist, meaning that your garden lighting could be a unique setting experienced by your guests.

Benefits of garden lighting

If you purchase a fixture from LED Direct’s outdoor lighting range, you could be one step closer to transforming the whole look of your garden to give it a welcoming atmosphere and modern feel. With technological developments always advancing, you can impress guests by controlling your lights through your phone or home hub, picking the specific colour which matches the desired mood in the easiest way possible. Further still, the best thing is that this can all be achieved for a very affordable price!

So, if you’re considering making additions to your garden to perfect its look, check out the huge outdoor lighting range available at LED Direct.