The smart home gadget that pays for itself- SpeedComfort

Smart Home tech is rapidly making our lives easier by the day. Automation is changing the way we live, gradually changing our ability to control the pervious uncontrollable. In my experience, this revolutionary technology is complicated and expensive. Reserved for people who can wrap their heads around how it all works.

For example, my Grandfather can barely grasp what wifi is. There are no smart home integrations in his home, and electrical appliances are limited, which is the way he likes it. Yet, there are products out there that even the most novice of users can work.

When I first saw the SpeedComfort products, all I could think about was my Grandfather. The image of him huddled on the sofa in his PJs, jumper, and dressing gown in the dark evenings because he's worried about putting the heating on. Anxious about the cost of warming the house, even though he is 76.

SpeedComfort is an award-winning solution that allows you to get more out of your current heating system by speeding up convection. The easiest installation I've experienced, as you just clip it to the bottom of your radiator and you're away. It heats the room quicker, and keeps the room warm for longer, saving users up to 22% of their heating costs. How easy would it be for us to ensure our loved ones are warm this winter?

AGE UK gives its users tip on how to stay warm this winter, which is imperative to the older members of our society. It's all our responsibilities during these unprecedent and uncertain times to look after the venerable, ensure they are not lonely or isolated. Additionally, lets make sure they are not cold. This piece of kit is inexpensive, and ensures your home is warm for less.

Check out the SpeedComfort range at LED Direct, or give us a call for more information.