Time to light up your gamer set-up?

Do you want to transform your gaming set-up to experience the ultimate luxury life of a true gamer? Simple changes in lighting can create an incredible atmosphere to get you in the zone for your video games, making the room into your very own arcade.

Strip lights

LED Direct offers strip lights kits with several features that can help your TV stand out in the room. Some are USB powered and have lighting effects such as a dimmable, fading, and flashing feature. These features can change the whole mood of any given room in your household to create the resulting atmosphere you are seeking. Dimmable lighting is good for gaming, allowing your sights to stay focused on your lit-up screen rather than on a bright big light in the room. These strip lights can be handily cut down to fit your individual screen’s size, so don’t worry if they don’t provide a perfect fit to start with – this product can be tailored to your liking. If this wasn’t enough, the USB powered strip light product comes with a whopping choice of 16 different colours! With this, you can easily pick your favourites with a remote control to set your preferred gamer setting – it couldn’t be easier!

Colour changing bulbs

Trending as one of the newest and most exciting products in the lighting market, colour changing bulbs’ popularity has risen – and can easily improve your video gaming experience! No one wants a bright light on when they’re playing video games, so the dimmable feature and darker colours on offer can create a vivid evening mood to help you get in the zone. LED Direct offers smart bulbs to make things even simpler for you, with this technology connecting to your home Wi-Fi. This means that the lights can be conveniently controlled through verbal speech and smart devices such as Alexa and Siri, taking away the annoyance of having to pause your game and getting up to turn off the light. This is a useful little product that you don’t know you need until you try! Additionally, another benefit to this product is that it uses LEDs – which is cheap, long-lasting, and is more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs. This will save you money in the long run as well as causing less harm to our environment.

Nanoleaf mini triangles

Although this is more of an obscure product, Nanoleaf products are popular  due to their modern and attractive look. You can combine shapes in any way that you want to match your interior design, whether this is in neat rows or a completely abstract masterpiece. Nanoleaf also uses smart technology to connect to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, has a music visualiser feature, and touch control. The features included with Nanoleaf mini triangles use developing, innovative technology that can help impress any houseguest and create your desired gaming experience. However, if the triangular design doesn’t appeal to you, you could opt for LED Direct’s glass globe light, which also connects to Wi-Fi, can be dimmed, and creates an incredible visual effect in a darkened gaming room.

Light Bars

Bars of light can transform any room into your gaming room, using pre-set light recipes to help match up to the correct aesthetic of your desired gaming mood.  You can instantly feel more in control of your lighting system, turning the device on and off with your phone, your voice command, and your pre-set timers. LED Direct’s Phillips light bar is incredibly customisable to fit with every gamer’s experience.

Your gaming experience can easily be enhanced by the range of products that LED Direct has to offer, creating a captivating atmosphere to keep you fully focused on your activity. You could transform any room in this way to impress guests and make your experience more enjoyable. Smart lighting has certainly been on the increase in these past couple of years – so why not buy into this trend to start gaming on today?

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