Upgrade your home with LED lighting

There are multitude of options at your fingertips when it comes to buying new, modern LED lighting that can transform your home in an instant. If you’re looking to brighten your home as well as style, then look no further than LED Direct’s range of quality but affordable products.

Up and down wall lights

Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, LED Direct’s up and down wall lights are ideal for brightening up any space with an added modern touch. The up down wall lights come in a range of different colours and finishes to compliment your esetic. They are bright, sleek and affordable. 

Up down lights lighting up front of a house

The compact design of the up and down lights allow customers to transform the walls of their garden, as well as the front of their house, next to the front door. Guests can take one swift look on first approaching your house and instantly be impressed by its stylish, elegant design. The up and down wall lights also have a dimmable feature so that you can set it to your individual preference, setting whatever mood you desire. Fancy colour changing light? Just pop a WiZ Connected GU10 Bulb in. 

Colour changing downlights

LED Direct also offer a range of LED downlights that upgrade the look of our home. Downlights also have a dimmable feature to create a specific mood, as well as coming with colour options to add to individual preferences. You might want a calm or vivid tone, depending on what kind of night you’re aiming for. These colour changes could even allow you to go as far as hosting big parties or gatherings, not to mention movie nights and romantic dates in style. Imagine the lighting matching your favourite football team, or theme in your kitchen. LED Direct can bring your space to life!

Colour changing LED downlights in a living room

With a twist and lock bezel design, you can change the bezels with ease, switching these out for different colours to match with whatever interior design look you’re going for. Black and copper colours are currently trending as styles to transform your household with a bold new look. Some of these LED downlight products are fire-rated, and they are also suitable for shallow ceilings with their ultra-low profile and slim design. With a five-year warranty, what could be better?

Filament light bulbs

Filament lights are also popular due to the vast array of benefits they come with. These lights are usually the most affordable, which is great for anyone on a tight budget but also looking for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Many of these filament light bulbs are ultra-warm and adopt a retro look with tinted amber glass. This vintage design is unique and will capture the attention of any guest. The built-in LED filament technology means that this type of light is energy-saving, allowing you to do your bit to help the environment as well as enjoy a long-lasting light compared to other lights on the market. The classic look of filament lights can now be enjoyed with an extended lifetime and an A+ energy rating. Some of these filament options are even dimmable if you’re on the hunt for setting a certain mood!

Smart lights for your space

Within this modern world of home automation, it’s no surprise that smart lighting is becoming a popular choice for increasing numbers of homes. The large range of smart lights available at LED Direct includes light bulbs that connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, all controlled through home hubs or your mobile phone. It’s never been easier to dim your lights, change their colour, or turn them on and off at the tap of a button! Smart lighting is probably one of the simplest ways to impress guests, and these products can make your life a lot easier too!

bright smart lighting in a living room neon colours

So, whether you aim to add value to your home, save energy consumption, or add specialised features for your ease and entertainment, LED Direct can offer a range of different lighting options that could be the perfect fit for your interior and exterior. Adding these lights to your household can give it a modern feel.

Give your home a fresh new look with particular lights could bring out benefits that you didn’t even know were possible.