What are the best fire rated downlights?

There are different types of downlights available at LED Direct. When considering the wide range of options available, one of the first queries that comes to mind might be if you need fire rated downlights. We have everything you need to know about fire rated downlights and how they could improve the safety of your household.

What is a fire rated downlight?

This lighting product is a recessed light used to protect ceilings from a fire hazard after a hole has been cut into the ceiling to hold a new light. The hole cut for recessed downlights sometimes compromise the ceiling’s fire resistance, making your household more vulnerable to fires. Whilst plasterboard ceilings reduce fire risks, this risk is increased when a hole is made because fire will be able to move more easily through this space. Fire rated downlight regulations have been put in place to protect buildings from fire hazards. For example, these particular lights seal the hole that has been drilled into the ceiling, therefore stopping the fire moving as quickly as it would’ve done otherwise. Most of these products also come with intumescent pads that are triggered to swell up at certain temperatures. This blocks the fire to slow it down. What consumers must note is that fire rated downlights don’t block the fire completely, but the delay it causes is crucial for safety, allowing household members to depart from the building and saving their lives.

Therefore, with fire hazards sometimes causing devastation in certain situations, you should be on the look out for fire rated downlights in order to enhance the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Luckily, LED Direct has a range of products in this area, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fire rated LED downlight

Fire rated LED downlights complete with push-up terminals and interchangeable bezels. These products have been tried and tested to 30, 60 and a whopping 90 minutes, ensuring that this is a quality, high standard product that you can trust within the ceilings of your home. The fire rated downlights come with at least a 3-year warranty, and also have a dimmable feature to help you create a desired mood or atmosphere whenever you want. Many customers are attracted by the fact that these lights are LED. Whilst lasting a long time, LED’s require little energy compared to traditional bulbs, allowing you to do your bit for our environment at the same time. This can also help you save on your electricity bill in the long run!

Integral LED fire rated tiltable downlight

Adopting a dimmable feature, this cool white design with a spectacular satin nickel finish also comes with a 30 degree tiltable range feature, allowing you to highlight certain spots and features within your household. This low-glare downlight has been specially designed and delivered with a premium quality, modern finish to make an impression on any room in the house. It gives off a beam with softened edges, creating the luxurious result that you might just be seeking to serve for the perfect setting.

Fire rated downlight with changeable bezels

Designed particularly for environmentally friendly LED lamps, this product attracts many householders with its sleek, modern look constructed of die-cast  bezels and a slim, compacted profile. With mineral wool insulation, this product has been thermally tested for usage for every consumer’s safety. If this isn’t enough, these lights are also incredibly affordable. You can start improving the design and safety of your home now for a very cheap price!

Integral LED Evofire fire rated round white downlight

The colour white is becoming more and more popular in interior design, matching well with any other colour in any given room. The ultra-thin bezel and compact design gives this round white downlight a modern look that can transform the impression of any room within your household. The open design is both attractive and safe, with Evofire often being called an aesthetically pleasing choice by consumers.

So, if you want to increase the safety of your household, giving you a peace of mind with potential fire hazards, why not head to LED Direct to start improving your living space today?