Why Incorporate Nanoleaf Lighting into Your Home?

Here at LED Direct, we’re naturally always keen to show you how much of a difference smart lighting can make to your home. But have you thought about trying something a little more creative or visually inspiring to enhance the look of your space? With Nanoleaf lighting, you’re not just making your space brighter, you’re transforming the atmosphere of your home from room to room.

Wonderful additions for family spaces, bedrooms, entertainment areas and more, Nanoleaf’s Connect+ technology becomes a sound and colour visualiser – perfect for game and movie nights – dramatically enhancing your home entertainment experiences.

Why Choose Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf lighting is one of our absolute favourite products available for you to purchase from LED Direct right now. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Nanoleaf smart lights are amazingly flexible!

Nanoleaf offers different styles of lighting and installation with a focus on creativity and exploration. Building your own Nanoleaf Triangle display, for example, is a lot like creating your own work of art! You have all the building blocks ready for you to arrange into any shape your imagination conjures up – especially wonderful for children.

Nanoleaf’s range of versatile LED solutions offer unlimited potential for family homes. Why not let the kids help you pick a range of triangles, hexagons or Nanoleaf light strip to help customise the look of their bedrooms? These smart lights react to touch, sound, and light, so provide an engaging sensory experience.

You’ll soon find that you don’t always need a fresh coat of paint or a big redecoration job to really enhance the look of your space. Sometimes, all you need is the right lighting solution!


Flexible and Efficient

Nanoleaf has already dazzled and delighted homeowners with their fantastic Canvas line. This array of lighting panels allows you to effectively create a feature wall that bursts into life through touch or sound! Pick a starter kit, which you can add to along the way, to configure your own unique art installation.

Nanoleaf smart light bulbs, which are new additions to the LED Direct range, are fixtures that all modern homes should take advantage of. We love them! Smart bulb technology has come a long way in the last few years, and with Nanoleaf you can enjoy seamless technology without needing an extra hub or bridge. This advanced smart bulb matches circadian light rhythms, allows customised lighting schedules, app or controller operation, and so much more. With Nanoleaf, you can be sure you’re installing some seriously versatile tech.

If you've thought about setting up smart LED lights or strip lights in your home before but are unsure where to start, Nanoleaf brings forth its own amazing Lightstrip. LED strips are some of the latest products available from Nanoleaf, and they happen to be some of the most eye-catching and appealing.

Simple to set up and extremely easy to adjust and arrange to your own tastes, these LED strips can be used in the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. You could set them up as an atmospheric backdrop to pictures, storage, or even mirrors and windows. The opportunities really are endless, and as Nanoleaf technology tunes in so seamlessly with smart home hubs, you can hit the ground running very quickly.


Getting Started with Nanoleaf Lighting

Nanoleaf Smart Bulbs, Canvas, Triangles, Hexagons and Lightstrips, aren’t just mood-enhancing, eye-catching and easy to manage. They are amazingly friendly for people with little technological knowledge to set up. We offer starter kits and development packages for you to create your own LED art installations, strips and more. Working with Nanoleaf panels, triangles and smart bulbs is less about giving your room a basic bit of illumination and is more about bringing out and enhancing its true character.

You can add character and style to any room with artwork, paint and furniture. However, in many ways, the best LED lighting can really complete the package. That's why so many people enjoy using Nanoleaf products. It's a name that's already making a big name for itself, and we are one of few online retailers proud to stock their amazing technology.

If your home could use a little more than the odd lamp or light bulb from room to room, then it’s time to get creative. For anyone looking to create a fantastic atmosphere with little effort, we can never stop recommending the fabulous Nanoleaf line.

If you’d like to know more about Nanoleaf, definitely make a point to explore our online catalogue. For triangles, canvas kits, bulbs and strip lights, LED Direct is your number one retailer for the very best Nanoleaf smart home products.

Rest assured, we’ll always update our online store with the latest and greatest Nanoleaf innovations that become available throughout the year. Transform your bedrooms, living room, kitchen and more – take a look through our website and get in touch with the LED Direct team to learn more.