Customer review: Do Speedcomfort Radiator fans work?

You can tell it's winter at our house, as the washing basket is full of socks and jumpers. Blankets are on every sofa, hot water bottles on every bed. Why does it take so long to get warm? Little did we know that Speedcomfort is the answer

Speedcomfort is a radiator fan with a difference. Taking Europe by storm, this eco product of the year not only keeps your room warmer for longer, it saves you money. The fans move heat from the radiator into the room more quickly, and keep it warmer for longer. No more freezing evenings for us!

But surely the installation is complicated? Nope, wrong again. Simply clip the unit to the bottom of your radiator and away you go. SpeedComfort switches on automatically when the radiator is 33 degrees or warmer and switches off automatically when the radiator cools down to 25 degrees. Big radiator? no worries. Just get the double pack. Unusual shape radiator? Not a problem, but pop some feet on your fan!

Don't take our word for it. We asked one of our customers, Mark Shipley, what he thought of his new SpeedComfort Fans. 

“We purchased the Speed Comfort system to assist the warming of our lowest level room in the house which is the last to get warm, especially in winter. It's been cold recently, so we took the plunge and gave it a go. Installation was easy, great instructional advice and simple to follow. We noticed a significant improvement within minutes of installing the equipment, the speed of heating the room was rapid. 

Speedcomfort is a smart product which not only saves us money, but pays for itself. We can save up to 20% on our heating costs, saying for the kit, and reducing our outgoings.  The system enables us to turn down the heating temperature, reducing gas use, as the living room now heats up quicker. From my experience of easy installation and the speed of which the equipment heated our living room, I would highly recommend the Speed Comfort system. ”

SpeedComfort is a simple plug and play device that can be easily and quickly installed under your radiator without the need for special expertise or professional installation tools. More importantly, it's a simple and effective product that works. Check out the full range here!

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