How to Create Ambient Lighting

What is Ambient Lighting? 

Lighting has a huge impact on a space, whether that be in the home or a professional setting. You can have a beautiful room but, without the right lighting, it can completely miss the mark. With the correct colour and temperature of light, you can control the atmosphere and how it is received by those within it. So, how exactly do you create ambient lighting?

This is also often referred to as mood lighting and revolves around the use of brightness, temperature and colour to create a comfortable feeling within a space. The main source of this is often spotlights, ceiling lights and wall-mounted lights.

The Advantages of Ambient Lighting 
In the home, ambient lighting can not only make you feel cosy and relaxed, as well as seeming welcoming to guests, but it can also reduce eye strain and increase vision. In a professional setting, such as restaurants, it is used to make the space feel warm and relaxing to make customers stay longer and spend more money.

How to Create Ambient Lighting 
Ambient lighting should never be bright or glaring. You need to consider the five main parameters of ambient lighting before having it fitted:

  1. Placement – Pick out the areas that you want to illuminate.
  2. Select a smart bulb to control the colour, brightness or setting.
  3. Colour temperature – LEDs with a colour temperature of between 2000K and 3000K.
  4. Colour rendering index – In-home, opt for a CRI of 75 and over. In a professional setting, aim for at least 90 CRI.
  5. Dimmers – Dimmers are perfect for adjusting at different times of the day.
  6. Accent lighting – Extra lamps or LEDs to highlight other parts of the room.

LED Direct recommendations

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Bulb

Automatically adjusts colour temperature throughout the day to complement natural light. 16M+ colours with the richest, most vibrant tones to fill your room with deeply saturated hues. The brightest whites with extended temperature range from coolest to warmest tones. Now that's a smart bulb!

 USB Powered TV LED Strip Light Kit

 The perfect budget solution in creating ambient lighting. With easy installation, simply plug in and stick to the back of your TV. The light illuminates the back of the screen, in a range of colours and affects. The ultimate beginner product for creating ambiance. 

Philips Hue Colour Ambience Starter Kit

Start or complete your smart home with the Philips Hue Colour Ambience GU10 Starter Kit. This package comes with the items you will need to gain better control over your lighting system. Again, with 16 million colours, there is something for every mood you have.

Ledvance Smart+ Bluetooth Globe

Want to go retro? Glass fixtures can do the trick. Clear and coloured glass-bowl lighting fixtures can look very retro even without going overboard. The large glowing filaments and clear glass enclosures of these special bulbs resemble old-fashioned incandescents. They bring a bit of style to these futuristic bulbs.

You can find the best the lighting industry has to offer at LED Direct. Feel free to browse your product ranges. If you have questions, call or contact our customer service team.