Is Purelight the future of infection control?

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are now looking to new technology to stop the spread of infection in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Unlike conventional cleaning this method uses an entirely hands-free approach and is delivered through beams of UV light.

UV-C radiation has been identified as one of the most efficient methods of successfully disinfecting air and surfaces that people come into contact with. It is capable of deactivating up to 99.9 percent of all moulds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms present and is now being harnessed in an innovative device called the Purelight Flow.

Healthcare professionals look to UV technology

A study undertaken by Health Protection Scotland found supporting evidence that in some cases UV radiation was even more effective than standard cleaning methods while the World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved the technology’s use in tackling the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Walton Centre, which cares for vulnerable patients, was among the first hospitals in North West England to adopt UV light systems to kill germs. Staff commented that bacteria can adapt quickly to antibiotics, reducing their effectiveness, but added that devices delivering UV radiation can ensure hospitals always stay a step ahead.

The future of sanitation

LED Direct’s Purelight Flow and Purelight Hybrid are now offering the ability to eradicate unwanted microbes in a portable, easy to store format, providing effective protection for indoor areas. Unlike the solution supplied to The Walton Centre, which stands at five feet tall, the Purelight, retailing at around £300, is narrower and more compact making it incredibly mobile.

The Purelight emits beams of UV-C light able to penetrate the cells of microbes like coronavirus. The light destroys genetic material, effectively preventing viruses from reproducing and spreading while simultaneously disinfecting surfaces and the air around them.

Fighting coronavirus with Purelight

Providing reliable and affordable assistance in tackling the spread of COVID-19, the Purelight Flow is easy to deploy in an industrial, commercial, residential, or healthcare environment. Purelight technology is currently available in two different formats, Standard Flow and the Hybrid, the latter offering double protection tackling surfaces and air and clearing threats with ease.

LED Direct’s units are already helping NHS healthcare facilities, care homes and even professional sports clubs to reduce the associated risks of COVID-19 onsite.

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