Light ‘Em Up: How to Brighten Up Your Game Room Experience

The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. In 2019, it earned approximately £118 million worldwide. The accessibility, versatility and variety of games largely influence the industry’s growth. Gamers can access all kinds of games on different devices, making it easy for anyone to find something to play. 

Avid gamers, therefore, have transformed a room or area in their home for their gaming needs, using fixtures such as home theatre speaker systems and RGB lighting panels to maximise the experience. They understand that lighting improves ambience and ambience plays a role in enhancing the gaming experience. 

Apart from having a private space for gaming, gamers have an ideal environment to get in the right headspace. This makes for more fun – and maybe more wins. Make the most of your gaming room by installing the right lighting system. 

How Lights Enhance the Game Experience

Interior designers have always utilised lights to enhance experiences in specific spaces. They understand that lights and colours can spark psychological and emotional responses in people. When done correctly, lighting systems can set the mood and ambience for any space. 

  • Cool tones and bluish hues have a calming effect, creating a peaceful atmosphere that reduces distractions and improves focus.
  • Warm tones and reddish hues have an energising effect, creating a sense of urgency in a space. 
  • Greenish hues are known to create a sense of peace and harmony. Lights that have these hues are also easy on the eyes, preventing eye strain. 

With the right coloured light combination and enhancements like smart LED lighting, you can refurbish your game room for a more appropriate gaming environment. 

Smart LED Lighting 

Smart LED lights provide an immersive gaming setup, encouraging you to raise your game strategy and confidence. You can rig your lights to change along with the game’s rhythm and pace. Here are a few ways smart LED lighting can make gaming convenient.

  • Adjust lights remotely. You want minimal distractions while playing. With smart lighting, you don’t have to leave your desk to adjust the brightness of your lights. You don’t even have to stop playing; making a voice command or pushing a button on your phone will do the job.
  • Receive notifications. You might not hear the sound of your doorbell when you’re too focused on your game. Programme the lights in your game room to alert you when someone’s at your front door. 
  • Prevent eye strain. You are prone to eye strain when playing in a poorly lit room. You can adjust your smart LED lights to mimic your computer screen’s brightness settings and colour changes.   

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting uses red, blue and green lights to create different hues. Built into a single system, these three generate different colour combinations through a variety of brightness levels. Most gaming enthusiasts prefer this lighting system because they can programme it into a real-time visualiser. 

Gamers who prefer RPGs use RGB lighting panels to immerse themselves fully in the game. Apart from creating visualisations of the game’s sounds, this lighting system can change colours and brightness along with the images on your computer screen, making it appear like you’re in the game’s world. 

Lighting Setups for Gaming

There are many ways to incorporate an RGB LED lighting system according to your preference. 

Surround Smart Lighting 

Create an immersive gaming experience by installing smart lights in strategic areas throughout the room. Smart LED strip lights are ideal for this system. Add trims of the lighting system on your walls, ceiling and gaming table to create a luminescent glow that doesn’t hurt the eyes.

Bias Lighting

Typically utilised for home entertainment systems, this type of lighting can be used in gaming as well. Bias lighting creates a viewing experience that prevents eye strain and fatigue by reducing glare. Install this lighting system behind your computer screen to increase the contrast in the room and achieve a better gaming experience for yourself. 

Hands-off Lighting

If you simply need lights that make the most of your gaming time, you can choose to use the hands-off feature of smart lighting. The RGB lighting system’s basic features are easily accessible through voice commands through your smart home device. 

Upgrading Your Lighting System 

Once you’ve chosen the type of setup you want for your game room, it’s time to upgrade your lighting system. 

Step 1: Find the Right Lights 

Get the most out of your gaming room transformation by finding the appropriate lights. Here are some suggestions. 

  • RGB Plug & Play Colour Changing LED Strip Kit – Developed by Integral LED, this is an all-in-one solution that provides high-performing lights for your gaming room.
  • Philips Hue Colour Ambience Collection – This smart LED lighting system comes with preset light recipes that are ideal for setting the mood of your room.

Step 2: Install Lights in Strategic Places

Most RGB lighting systems come in strips or panels. The areas where you install them will dictate how the room benefits from the lights.

  • For light strips, cut them down to the necessary lengths and attach them along your walls, gaming table and on your desktop computer. These light strips can be applied behind or on top of your monitor, CPU and keyboard.
  • For light panels, attach them on your preferred wall. These panels are designed to reduce eye strain, so you can install them on the wall directly behind your computer screen without the lights hurting your eyes.  

Step 3: Programme Your Lights 

After you’ve installed your new lighting system, it’s time to programme your personalised settings. Sync it with your desktop computer to have the lights change colours and brightness along with your game’s visuals and sounds. 

Smart Lighting for Gaming from LED Direct

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