10 Spooky Ways to Light Up Your Home for Halloween

When most people think of Halloween, three things come to mind: sweets, costumes, and spooky decorations. 

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to dress up your home with décor and lights that will wow guests and trick or treaters. Below, we’ll show you creative lighting tips and ideas that will make every inch of your abode stand out this season.

  1. Choose the right colours 

The key to fantastic Halloween lighting is a striking yet balanced colour scheme. 

Orange, green, and purple are classic Halloween colours. Blue can create a whimsical ambience, while plain red can leave a chilling effect. Black lights, on the other hand, make a great indoor lighting effect. They may look like any fluorescent bulb, but once they’re switched on, they can make any light-coloured object glow in the dark. 

The colours you choose will depend on your chosen theme. Just avoid using too much white light since it can drown out other colours and ruin their effect.

  1. Play around with Cololight

Cololight has become the latest Halloween must-have. It’s a hexagonal ambient light system that comes in 16 million colours, offering infinite design possibilities. Each hexagonal panel can be clipped with other panels to create various shapes and colour combinations. They can be placed on a table, mounted on a wall, suspended from ceilings, or even inserted into pumpkins for an instant Jack-o-lantern.

Panels are controlled using a mobile app. You can easily adjust their brightness anytime or even sync the changing of colours with the music.

  1. Replace porch and garage lights with coloured bulbs

Coloured light bulbs can illuminate your home in a creepy way. If you’re aiming for a chilly, graveyard look, try blue or green bulbs. For a fiery ambience, try orange or red bulbs. 

Use coloured bulbs to illuminate banners and posters from behind. Backlighting is an effective way to attract attention and make your signs more visible even from a distance.

Some LED bulbs come with a remote control that allows you to easily change the colour, meaning more cost savings because you don’t have to buy separate bulbs for each colour.

  1. Light up pathways and doorframes

String lights are incredibly versatile. They can be strung along fences and over bushes, or framed around your front door. It’s also easy to outline walkways, driveways and pathway with string lights to welcome trick or treaters. 

If your home is surrounded by greenery, consider wrapping purple and green string lights around trees to create an enchanted forest. 

  1. Use coloured flood lights to set the vibe

Coloured floodlights are used to project a beam of light onto a scene or object. They can be mounted on the ground or to walls and poles.

Pointing floodlights at light-coloured props like ghosts, tombstones, and skeletons will give them a glow-in-the-dark appearance. Light-coloured decorations beautifully reflect blue and green floodlight, creating a spooky vibe.

  1. Hang electric flames

Candles and Jack-o-lanterns may be classic Halloween props, but they're not exactly safe for indoor settings. 

Instead, hang fake LED flames or prop them on a table for a unique centrepiece. Simply plug them in to add a blazing vibe to your party, minus any fire-related hazards.

  1. Get a lighting machine for extra drama

If you’re thinking of adding eerie sound effects to match your outdoor décor, make sure you have a lighting machine for extra theatrical effect. This device makes all of your lights flicker on and off to the rhythm of music.

Position the lightning machine near a speaker and ensure that the sound is audible enough so the machine can pick up the beat. 

  1. Set up strobe lights

Strobe lights can make any space look haunted. They're perfect for adding a spooky blinking effect or starting a dance party. You can also put them on bushes or on the ground to create a creepy graveyard scene. 

Strobe lights are best paired with props like skeletons or ghostly figures hanging from trees. Casting the light at them enables the shadows to flicker and sway.

  1. Uplight props and décor 

Simply place the spotlight at the bottom of a prop and point the light up to accentuate your subject. This technique can also be used to make walls, ceilings, bushes, and trees glow.

If you're planning to set up life-sized ghosts and skeleton decor in your front yard, lighting them properly will make them glow and look like they are floating. Blue or green usually gives the eeriest effect.

  1. Create scary shadows

To make shadows appear large and terrifying, place lights low to the ground and point them slightly upward. This position will create deformed and menacing shadows anytime someone passes over the light. 

If you’re aiming for distinct shadow effects, simply position figures or cutouts in front of the lights. 

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