How Ultraviolet Light Is Turning the Tide Against Covid-19

If there’s one word to describe the ongoing pandemic, it would have to be ‘unprecedented.’ Yes, there was a similar event more than a century ago, but the world was significantly different then and no one today was alive when that happened. For all intents and purposes, the Covid-19 pandemic is something new for everyone. 

Since the old adage, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ still rings true, there have been notably creative ways that organisations and governments around the world have responded to the public health crisis. One of the most innovative measures is the use of UV lighting to combat the spread of the virus. 


There are three kinds of UV or ultraviolet light. There’s ultraviolet A, B, and C. The first two are known to be the ones that are able to penetrate the earth’s ozone layer in attenuated form. The third UV light, ultraviolet C or UV-C cannot enter the planet’s ozone layer. 

The potency of UV-C makes it a prime candidate for managing bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. In fact, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, ultraviolet C radiation has decades of history of being used as a disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces. It prevents the spread of bacteria including tuberculosis.  

LUG’s Purelight Flow UV-C

But UV-C can also be harmful to humans as well. The broad spectrum UV-C light (with wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers) that is used to sanitise surgical equipment, has been found to be a health hazard to humans as well. Specifically, it can cause skin cancer and cataracts. 

It wasn’t until recently that a specific narrow spectrum of UV-C light was discovered to still have lethal effects against microbes while also staying harmless to human tissue. This is a revolutionary discovery with a lot of use cases including preventing the spread of pandemics like the one the world has today. 

LUG’s Purelight Flow UV-C leverages this narrow spectrum to sterilise rooms where there are people. It’s able to get rid of harmful microbes in the presence of people indoors. In short, the luminaire device cleans the air, making it safer for humans, particularly in this trying time. 

LUG’s Purelight Hybrid

A more comprehensive solution – the Purelight Hybrid – also cleans surfaces aside from the air. This further ensures that microbes attached to surfaces like walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, and more are sanitized. The device uses a direct ultraviolet C light source. 

Since direct UV-C light is used, it is also risky for humans. That’s why this product isn’t used when people are present in the room. The Purelight Hybrid is managed remotely using a convenient mobile app. 

LUG’s product in particular carries a five-year warranty and has been tested tediously to make sure safety is upheld. 

Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

The unprecedented nature of the ongoing pandemic left communities, organisations, governments, and health institutions stunned when it broke out. The many unknown variables surrounding the deadly virus also contributed to this effect. 

However, in the last couple of months, more creative solutions have been employed that were found to be effective in either containing the spread or limiting the damage of the disease to humans. 

Ultraviolet C light has been found to be 99 per cent effective in killing the Covid-19 virus in just six seconds. 

Here are a few ideal use cases in some industries.

Health Care

The most applicable use case for the UV-C light is in health care. Not only will its sanitising effect be maximised in this sector because of the higher risk of infection, but the staff here are also in a better position to implement these measures. 

In health care facilities, the luminaire device can be used in lobbies and common areas where there is usually high traffic of people. When sanitising rooms, staff can use the remote features of LUG’s Purelight Hybrid to fully cleanse areas after use. These measures will ensure a reduction in unnecessary transmission through air and surfaces. 


Transportation is a very important component of any town or city. The fear of spreading the virus has either halted or drastically slowed down this industry. With the help of UV-C lights, transportation vehicles, stations, and waiting areas can be sanitised more thoroughly and quickly. This may not be enough to return the vigor of the sector to what it was prior to the pandemic, but it will definitely help. 


Manufacturing and supply lines are the lifeblood of our modern world. The spread of the virus has hindered industry from producing at full potential. The use of UV-C products will help in sterilising these environments and ensuring a safer workplace for workers. Together with safety measures already in place, this will create a positive impact on productivity. 


As stores slowly start to reopen, it’s important that measures are taken to prevent the further spread of the virus. Using UV-C luminaire devices in retail stores will sanitise these areas without compromising the health of visitors and staff. 


Although remote work arrangements are being practised, there are still some tasks better carried out at the office. By leveraging UV-C technology, offices can be thoroughly sanitised and office workers can conduct their business assured that they are safe. 


Exploring more flexible studying arrangements is great for the progress of education, but like office work, some tasks are better done in school, especially with the level of engagement of students. For this reason, it’s important that their health and safety are prioritized. UV-C light can be used here to make sure no traces of the coronavirus survive a trip to educational institutions. 

Hospitality and Tourism

Although these are not the most important sectors to prioritise, getting them operation will still contribute to the overall recovery of businesses and the economy as a whole. By capitalising on the cleansing capabilities of UV-C light, businesses like hotels and restaurants, or even theme parks can regain at least a portion of their market. 

Take Away

While the pandemic continuously spreads, there is growing hope in technologies and practices that are slowly but surely changing the tide of this initially uphill battle. With the maximisation of the ultraviolet C light innovation, industries are given an important weapon in their arsenal in this war against Covid-19. LUG’s products are highly recommended for these uses. 

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