Are Philips Hue The Best in the Business?

There is a very distinct reason why Philips has now started to dominate the smart home lighting industry, because their products consistently rank among the very best on the market. The Philips Hue range is certainly no different. In fact, Philips Hue has now become synonymous with smart home lighting in general. With a huge range of lights, bulbs, accessories, extras, and features, Philips really does have something for everyone. So what is all the fuss about?

How do they work?

Philips Hue products use Wi-Fi and Zigbee to connect an array of devices to one shared system. This network can be made up of up to 50 different lights, all controlled from one central remote or even your smartphone. Bluetooth can also be used for a more limited system and range. These devices are all connected by something known as the Hue Bridge, a gadget that plugs directly into the ethernet port on your router. Once everything is linked up, you can turn lights on and off, change colours, dim, and much more, all from your phone or remote.


What’s on offer?

A huge array of simple bulbs
• Vintage style bulbs
• Wall lights
• Table lamps
Ceiling lights
• Suspension lights
• Runner lights
Light strips
Outdoor lighting
And much more!

The Hue App 

At the epicentre of the Philips Hue range is the Hue app itself, something the company have put countless hours into developing and improving over the years. This app allows you to set timers, scenes, routines, commands, automations, and more!

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