Create your very own Love Island villa with lighting!

Do you fancy living the life of a Love Islander in a captivating, modern paradise? If you do, then look no further than LED Direct’s range of lighting which can capture contemporary lighting effects and turn your home into a second Love Island villa!

With Love Island becoming more and more popular each year, creating a resembling look in your own interior can make a bold statement to impress any guests you might have. Take a look at what kind of things we can offer you in this area. 

Colour changing light strips

Suitable for both the interior and exterior of your house, LED Direct’s colour changing strips are perfect for transforming the design of any layout. You can identify these as any thin light strips that may catch your eye along walls, decking, and even furniture. You can start brightening up any area of your choosing with low energy costs. LEDs are becoming more widespread every day due to their environmentally friendly nature and long-lasting output.

These lights are also ideal for creating a certain mood with their colour-changing feature, whether you want a calm, romantic glow or vivid, party vibe. The bright electric blues and pinks are particularly popular in the Love Island villa and can help transform your setting with a holiday feeling ideal for the summer season. The LED strip lights available are also durable, making them appropriate for areas prone to vapour and other things that may damage regular lighting.

Smart strips

Smart lighting strips usually connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can easily be controlled by modern technology. This can include a touch of a few buttons on your mobile phone or even voice activation from your home hub. Smart strips can sync up to music indoors, creating a party, holiday atmosphere which is almost always constant in evenings on Love Island. What would the villa be without evening gatherings in which the Islanders are encouraged to soak up the atmosphere with party music? You can experience something similar with our smart strip lighting.

White wall lights

White is popular with interior designers everywhere since it matches with every other colour and gives a sleek, modern look. White is unsurprisingly popular in the Love Island villa for this reason, especially in the bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room. It’s all too easy to create this contemporary look in your own home, giving your interior the same, effortless style as the famous holiday villa.

LED Direct provides different styles of white wall lights, including up and down lights, square guide lights, and round wall lights. All being LED, they can last a long time with an energy-saving feature, all whilst emitting enough light to brighten up any room sufficiently. The compact designs add to the modern look, whilst their stainless-steel construction makes them durable enough for outside use as well as outdoor use.

Festoon lights

Festoon LED lights are also popular to gain that Love Island vibe. Festive string lights going across large surfaces can transform any garden to make it resemble the look of the villa’s exterior. Some of these types of lights can be very cheap, meaning you only have to spend a little to waken up a previously dull space. They’re becoming increasingly sought after as Love Island’s recognition continues to grow, and you can certainly expect many compliments of these lights from captivated guests.

There are many options you can take with lighting to transform your interior or exterior with a new modern look. If you’re a Love Island fan dreaming of snagging a stay in the TV show’s luxury villa, it might be easier than you think to come close to this reality.

By altering your lighting, you can make a statement with bold colours and LED strip that compliment areas that you’d like to highlight. Even simply go for white wall lights can create a sophisticated, modern look. White is probably the most common colour in the Love Island villa’s interior, and it’s becoming more popular across many other interior designs too. So, if you’re dreaming of catching Love Island vibes this summer, look no further than LED Direct! Please contact our team for help or advice for transforming your space.