How the right lighting can add value to your house

Looking to add significant value to your home with hardly any effort required? What many people don’t know is that installing something as simple as LED lighting can do just that. So, why is the installation of LED lighting so attractive? 

These days, LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular in households due to its low energy consumption and long life span. With more awareness of how humans treat the environment, LED lighting is an attractive option due to its eco-friendly nature compared to traditional light bulbs. You’ll rarely have to replace LED lighting due to the long life mentioned above, reducing the number of earth’s resources used up. They use around 80% less energy than normal lighting for the same bright result. This means that your electricity costs will plummet as well as allowing you to feel good about reducing the harm inflicted upon the planet.

Smart technology

LED lighting can also couple with smart home services, the most common being the modern technology of lights connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth home hubs. House buyers are thought to spend more on a home for this simple reason, with buyers being on the hunt for added perks. Smart lighting is becoming more and more attractive to contemporary property buyers. We all want more for less!

LIFX beam light bar in orange mounted to a contemporary office wall

The visual look

Often, it is said that LED lighting can improve the visuals in your home. Adding an LED product such as downlights can brighten up any space, even whilst using less energy than regular bulbs. Colour changing downlights or spotlights can also be very appealing to buyers, allowing them to set the mood for any occasion, all controlled by the touch of a button. Furthermore, LED lights have been known to add a modern feel to households. An example of this is installing black spotlights in bathrooms. With black trending in interior design, you could totally transform the look of the house you are trying to sell with this colour and style, capturing the eye of any modern enthusiast.

Many different options

The great thing about LED lighting is that there are many different options in terms of colour, style, and what room you want to install it in. LED lights can be suitable in any room, whether this is adding to the sleek, modern look of the kitchen, adding to a colour-changing atmosphere in the lounge, or brightening up your kid’s bedroom.

One particularly attractive option is installing an LED strip. You can highlight your home’s best features with these strips, allowing you to illuminate long stretches of the interior whilst setting a particular mood with effect. These strips can be particularly effective under the higher cabinets in the kitchen, lining the ceiling, or even lining the stairs. You could even use these types of strips to enhance particular objects and furniture, which could impress any potential buyer. This item could even be used outside if you’re wanting to transform your exterior as well as your interior. Placing LED strips to outline flowerbeds could create a really pleasing look, especially if the lights can change in colour and tone.

Simple changes

Even taking the simple act of changing the bezel on your current spotlights or downlights to copper could create a nice touch in enhancing the design of your home. It doesn't cost too much either! You could also think about installing LED Nanoleaf light panels, triangular lighting panels that connect with each other, in certain areas of the house. These light panels might work particularly well in bedrooms, creating a personal touch and sense of uniqueness to make specific rooms more attractive to potential buyers.

So, if you’re looking to add value to your current home to attract higher offers from buyers, adding LED lighting to both your interior and exterior could work well for you. This can be done in a range of ways, as listed in the examples set out above. Whether you’re wanting to demonstrate to buyers that this lighting can be practical for important tasks or leisure, you could easily improve the desire for purchase through these simple changes.

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